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Swedish Massage/Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation or Therapeutic massage for the entire body or to specific problem areas. Massage helps increase circulation, ease muscle tension and aches, decrease blood pressure, and alleviate anxiety and restlessness. Available in 30, 60, and 90 minute sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. This type of massage focuses on the muscles located below the superficial muscles. Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity (such as athletes), and patients who have sustained physical injury. Available in 30, 60, and 90 minute sessions.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly. Available in 60, and 90 minute sessions. 

Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu (meaning "foot pressure") is an ancient art of massage from Asia. The therapist uses her feet to apply deep relaxing strokes to the entire body.It is great for those who like deep tissue massage and participate in sports or have stressful lives. Ashiatsu will put you in a relaxed state that will last for hours after the treatment. The therapist does not walk on the body.

Couples Massage

You and your special someone will be pampered in the same room, side by side, during this therapeutic and relaxing 60-minute massage. You choose the areas massaged and pressure used. A way to enjoy getting a massage together. Available in 30, 60, and 90 minute sessions.

Prenatal Massage

A massage for the mother to be. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as leg cramps, stiff neck, backaches and edema. All efforts are made to ensure that you are completely comfortable with plenty of pillows and blankets.Relax and relieve stress with this treatment. Available in 30, 60, and 90 minute sessions.

Four Hand Massage

A four hand massage, also referred to as a tandem massage, is one in which two massage therapists perform a Swedish or deep tissue massage on one person. This is an extremely relaxing massage and is an excellent way for the client to relieve their stress, calm their mind and move into a deep state of relaxation. It is like experiencing two full body massages at the same time. Initially the client’s mind may be trying to focus on what each therapist is doing, eventually the brain realizes it cannot keep track and will give up control. That is why this massage is recommended greatly for anyone with stress or anxiety in their life.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This hands-on technique is designed to activate and cleanse the lymphatic system. The pressure applied is very light: five grams, or the weight of a nickel. It involves the use of gentle manual maneuvers to aid in the re-circulation of body fluids. Benefits include reduction of swelling and bruising, detoxification of the body, relief of chronic pain, a decrease in healing time, and deep relaxation. This massage is excellent for facial and body surgical patients. Manual lymphatic drainage massage is available in 30, 45 and 60-minute sessions.

AromaTouch Technique

The AromaTouch technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. This technique improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function. The technique is simple and intuitive and uses doTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for an unparalleled grounding experience.


Aromatherapy can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process. We incorporate aerial diffusion, direct inhalation and topical applications of our essential oils. We offer a variety of essential oils that cater to different needs of each client. This can be added to any service for an additional five dollars.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore motion. The focused manual pressure and stretching used in myofascial release therapy loosen up restricted movement, leading indirectly to reduced pain. Available in 30, 60, and 90 minute sessions.

Medley Massage

Our Medley massage is a combination of Swedish massage, aromatherapy and hot stones for a unique and relaxing experience. Available in 30, 60, and 90 minute sessions.


Our Prices


$35/30 minutes

$65/60 minutes 

$100/90 minutes

Deep Tissue

$40/30 minutes 

$70/60 minutes  

$110/90 minutes

Hot Stone

$75/60 minutes  

$115/90 minutes

Ashiatsu $75/60 minutes

$40/30 minutes 

$70/60 minutes

$110/90 minutes 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

$35/30 minutes 

$50/45 minutes 

$70/60 minutes

Myofascial Release

$35/30 minutes

$65/60 minutes  

$100/90 minutes

Couples Massage

$70/30 minutes

$130/60 minutes 

$180/90 minutes 

Four Hand Massage  $130/60 minutes
Medley Massage

$40/30 minutes

$70/60 minutes 

$110/90 minutes 


All prices are subject to 6.50% "personal care" sales tax unless you have a Doctor's prescription

Massage Maintenance Series

Three 60 Minute Massages for $162 (Swedish/Therapeutic)

Three 60 Minute Massages for $175.50 (Deep Tissue)

Three 60 Minute Massages for $189 (Hot Stone/Prenatal)

Three 60 Minute Massages for $202.50 (Ashiatsu)



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